Maximize potential of Rental income


Hindsite’s Property Management Department was born out of the need our clients had for us to manage their rental properties which we were already helping our clients identify and purchase as our clients grew their rental portfolio. Many of our clients were aware that we managed our own rental portfolio since 1990, and they were impressed by our advice on how to handle difficult situations that can arise when managing a rental property. In 2004 we expanded our property management offer by beginning to offer services to our clients and have continuously grown the number of properties we manage all via word of mouth and by referrals sent our way by our existing and past property management clients.

At Hindsite 20/20 it is our belief that appreciation of the property value is the most likely way to maximize your rate of return on your investment long term, while in the short term we strive to increase your rental income while reducing your operating expenses. In our assessment one of the main sources of loss revenue is unit vacancy; therefore, we have developed an effective system which reduces your vacancy rate. By using the latest technology we minimize Owner’s expenses and increase our tenant experience by collecting rent online, accepting service requests electronically and paying our Owners via direct electronic bank deposits to minimize risk and management cost. When managing rental properties our first priority is protecting our clients (the Owner) interest and asset while maintaining a positive relationship with the tenants

If you are interested in what our company has to offer and you would like to have your property professionally managed, please email us at or contact us at 512-795-4427 and our dedicated Property Management staff will send you information on our services and set up a time for you to meet/speak with Charles Escutia, our Property Manager and Broker, at Hindsite 20/20.

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